movies lately

I’ve been floating in a sea of crappy movies lately (Eragon, anyone?), but two have really stuck out. Notes on a Scandal was basically a textbook of good acting. Although, Judi Dench’s character is me in 30 years. Brandon confirmed this and mentioned that the way she treated Cate Blanchett’s character is the way that I treat him. I would have gotten really angry but he was actually quite correct. It’s rare that you get a movie that is a slice of realness.

I didn’t think that I could think Kate Winslet was anymore incredible, but Little Children totally proved me wrong. Her character was supposed to be somewhat frumpy, so that part was unconvincing. Finally a movie that does not make being married and having children the happy ending of the fairy tale. I’m not so much a Patrick Wilson fan. I still see him as a gay Mormon or Raoul from Phantom of the Opera, and I will never forget him for being in that douchey Gap commerical with Claire Danes. The movie may actually be better than the book. THis was also the case for Election, which was also by the same author.

Pirates 3 actually looks good. I like how they made Keira Knightley kick some ass. I’d better watch the second one pretty soon. I tried several times but fell asleep.


4 thoughts on “movies lately

  1. I can’t believe you have the audacity to discuss two of last year’s great films, and finish the thought with “Pirates 3 actually looks good.” Are you completely mad?!

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