Consumer reports

Ok, there are a ton of awesome new albums/dvds out right now, and since I am shying away from illegally uploading albums, you are all lucky that I am here to tell you what to get and what to skip. Also, I figured out a new feature on WordPress where you can stream the trackright from my entry. Just hit the “play” button when you see it.

Kitchen Confidential, The Complete Series : I think this was on for about .76 episodes. It’s loosely based on Anthony Bourdain’s nonfiction work, which I liked. It’s probably worth a rainy Saturday afternoon. Also, I support anything with Wet Hot American Summer alum.

Coconut Records, Nighttiming: yes, that’s the name of a band. And it’s Jason Schwartzmann’s new band (he left Phantom Planet). As much as he annoys me, the album is not bad. This album won’t blow you away, but at least he understands the concept of a melody and a hook. His singing isn’t too bad. (official release:)

Coconut Records, “Back to You


Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris: Songs for the Deaf (2005) was a masterpiece, Lullabies to Paralyze (2004) was horrific. This one seems to fall in between. I’m liking it. [Official release: June 12]

Queens of the Stone Age, “Sick. Sick, Sick

The Bravery; The Sun and the Moon
: When their self-titled debut came out in, there was a lot of criticism that they were a manufactured indie band. Whatever. I liked the first album. This one is….terrible. Very forced and not so much of the dance-y stuff of the first one. Skip it. [Official release: May 22]

The Bravery, “Time Won’t Let Me Go

The Editors, An End Has a Start.
When The Back Room came out last year, they were overhyped and I wasn’t too impressed. This one is kind of blowing me away right now. It may be one of the best albums of the year. I may be in lust right now and the honeymoon period may end, but this is one you definately want to get. [Official release: June 26]

The Editors, “The Weight of the World


Rihanna, A Girl Like Me: This is sure to sell a gazillion copies, and you will probably be sick of it for a while, but I have to admit that I have been listening to it lately. It’s good gym music. [Official release: June 5]

I posted about it here.


And if you want these albums bad enough, email me and we can work something out. (SHhhhhhhhhh…)

2 thoughts on “Consumer reports

  1. I’m excited about the second Editors album! I, unlike you, loved The Back Room. Why are you giving so much ink to Rihanna? Aside from “SOS,” (love it!) I’ve found her to have a couple of so-so moments (“Unfaithful” and “Umbrella”) and the rest I wouldn’t bother with.

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