So now you know

When I saw the trailer for Knocked Up, I thought that it had subtle hints of pro-life propaganda. I mean, a woman gets pregnant by a one night stand, and decides to raise the baby, and what I am ASSUMING happens is that she ends up falling in love with the guy. Sure, it’s great that she decides to keep the baby and be a responsible parent….but is that likely to happen? Is it likely that she would choose to keep the baby? Is this some sort of weird message being sent to people? A profile on Judd Apatow also asks the same question.

Oh my God! The LAST thing America needs is an overwight American Idol! Fox News, you are the best.

Jeez, they are totally stealing the idea from me. I already did this, but here are 77 more music movie moments.

Ruh roh…the Strokes are on an indefinate hiatus. I don’t have a good feeling about it.


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