List: unintentionally hilarious outfits on Sex and the City

I caught some TBS episodes and really wondered why I ever liked the show. The first three seaons were quirky and enjoyable, the characters were like bizarre charactures and didn’t take themsleves to seriously. But then the characters got so serious and Carrie acted like a five year old. They created all these disgusting generalizations about women and they all acted like selfish c*nts. Once babies are involved, you know it is going downhill. But the fashion! Okay, so they gave Monolo Blahnik a household name and made flower broches sell millions, but sometimes it was like watching a modern Emporer’s New Clothes. Just because it is designer doesn’t mean it looks good. Half the time they looked like hookers from 1981 or escaped mental patients, or five-year olds dressing themselves for the first time. A lot of it was fun, but there were some DOOZIES. Here are the most hilarious ones. Take that, Patricia Field!

10. Carrie, you forgot your pants!

9. Hookers looking for work.

8. I can’t believe she found a pink garbage bag.

7. Minnie Mouse couture.

6. I don’t even know what to say.

5. It’s like a Halloween hobo outfit you’d buy at CVS.

4. Liederhosen is soooooo right now.

3. Look closely. There are feathers coming out of her ass.

2. THe belt can’t really serve its lfe purspose if it is doing that.

1. She looks like a homeless hooker who raided the dumpster behind a Jessica McClintock store.


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