Consumer report

In which I do the thinking for you and tell you what you should be watching/listening to.

Newsradio; I don’t know why I have been watching sitcoms lately. I kind of rully want to work at this station. And little known fact: I find Andy Dick hilarious.

Tim Armstrong, A Poet’s Life: Rancid/Operation Ivy founding member has a solo album. He is a phenomenal songwriter and his recognizeable voice is always a comfort to hear, but I HATE solo albums from people from my favorite bands (except for A.C. Newman). Just make another Rancid album. [official release: May 22]

The Macabees, Colour It In. No, it’s not Jewish-themed as far as I know, but it is still catchy but this thing will be hyped to death pretty soon. If you can stand the hype, check it out. [official release: May 10 ]

Get “All In Your Rows

Polyphonic Spree, The Fragile Army. I previously found this band obnoxious and gimmicky, but this one they actually spent time caring about the music. [official release: June 19]

Get “Get Up And Go

The Chemical Brothers; We Are the Night: Sounds like every other electonica Chemical Brothers album, but that’s a good thing. [official release: June 21]

Get “All Rights Reversed


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