Mazel tov!

I am doung a shout out, because two amazing people are starting new jobs today. And knowing that first days at new jobs are more akward than school dances, here is some stuff to read to appear being busy. My most awkward first day at work was at the ‘faw, because my boss had no idea how to supervise me or what to do with me. This actually continued through my whole time there. I digress. Here are some good reads for the day.

Andrew continues the quest for the best movie music moments, totally picking up my slack. How could I overlook “Anything Goes”?

Speaking of movie lists, here is 25 thoughts about upcoming summer movies and the similarities between Tony Soprano and Harry Potter.

Also, a critical analysis of the sure-to-be-awful The Starter Wife, from my new favorite blog.

Also, the great debate continues: Seth Rogan: Hot or Not? I think you know where I stand. (A lil NSFW)

Ok, let’s get serious. A look at standardized testing for children entering kindergarten.

Nation’s Leading Alarmists excited about bird flu.

A passive-aggressive vegan grocery cashier: a day in the life.


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