Oldie but Goodie: Warrant

Warrant; Then, a tough leather-clad rock band; Now: a gay street gang

I often go through phases where I hate all the music I own and out of 30,000 tracks on my hard drive, I can’t find anything to listen to. I am kind of in that slump right now, so when that happens, I reach waaaaayyyy back to some older stuff just for a change. Doing this post started making me feel some nostalgia, so I dove into my early nineties metal collection. I am ashamed, some of it was beyond terrible (anyone remember the band Trixter? Anyone?) However, I luckily had some Warrant laying around. Hear me out. If you judge them WITHIN the context of the genre, it’s pretty catchy. I am sure you remember “Cherry Pie” their early nineties feminist anthem. That was actually not really a lot of their sound, I would say they were more pop-rock. And I am comfortable enough to say I can enjoy some quality pop rock (I secretly like the Gin Blossons, for christssake). So here’s what I have been rocking out to while I pack up my stuff. Don’t judge.







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