List: best movie makeover scenes

Thanks for John for the idea. I’ve checked with the judges, and this can also include shopping montages.

Coyote Ugly; “Forgive My Father, for I have sinned.”

She’s All That; Um, a riot would break out if I didn’t include this. I actually haven’t seen this in a while, but I know a red dress and a descent down the stairs happens.

Aquamarine; They have to sneak off to Tampa for this one. “I love vintage!”

Strictly Ballroom; How Fran went from a pock-mark freak to a dancing beauty in under 20 minutes is beyond me.

She’s The Man; Cross dressing is quirky! Look at me! I’m wearing a mustache! But I’m a GIRL! How crazy!

A Cinderella Story; Hilary Duff has it in her contract that she needs to have a requisite costume change montage.

Miss Congeniality: Oh Sandra, you’re so sassy. You told him…WAIT! Watch out for those heels!

The Princess Diaries: It taught us that curly haired girls are FUGLY and straight-haired girls are princesses. I think that’s veiled anti-semitism.

Grease: Uh duh. Why does Sandy need to be the one who changes?

Pollyanna: I was obsessed with this scene when I was younger. I wanted a sailor outfit with a hat with a pom pom on it. Instead I got an outfit from the Pretty Plus department from Sears.

Goblet of Fire: Hermione in pink! I never thought I’d live to see the day!

Earth Girls Are Easy: makeovers are not just for the gals! A surfer dude exists under all that fur!

She’s Out of Control: A whole movie whose BASIS is a makeover. I watched this incessantly and scrutinized every outfit. And I am ashamed to say, copied many of them in high school.

Clueless: yes I know you were all waiting for this one. Makeovers give Cher a sense of order in a world of chaos. And a fat Brittany Murphy a scene that will go down in our memories forever.



I kind of regretted shopping at American Apparel but I just got my hoodie and OH.MUH.GAWD. you need to get it. It is the most fantastic and comfortable thing I have ever owned. Here’s a picture of me in it:

Sers, I am completely sold on American Apparel.

It’s like Sophie’s Choice

I’ve been asked to pick two of my favorite songs to contribute to a compilation cd of all my coworkers’ favorite songs. Cute, right? However, the decision has been giving me heart palpitations. I’ve settled on these, but I am sure to change my mind once the whole thing goes to press.

Erasure; “A Little Respect”

Nada Surf; “Bad Best Friend”

Great, I’ve already changed my mind.

I heart Mark Ronson

Uuuummm, I am kind of embarassed that I am obsessed with the new Mark Ronson album, Version. He is a producer/DJ and he made this album basically to brag about all his famous friends. He’s kind of like DJ AM, minus the gastric bypass. He produced this album of indie rock covers, all featuring some pretty notable people. I’m not gonna lie, it’s all I’ve been listening to. His first compilation, Here Comes the Fuzz, is pretty good too. Here’s my favorite tracks.





Another bonus? He’s pretty smokin’ hot. Although he moved fron London when he was like three, so what’s with the accent?