List: best movie makeover scenes

Thanks for John for the idea. I’ve checked with the judges, and this can also include shopping montages.

Coyote Ugly; “Forgive My Father, for I have sinned.”

She’s All That; Um, a riot would break out if I didn’t include this. I actually haven’t seen this in a while, but I know a red dress and a descent down the stairs happens.

Aquamarine; They have to sneak off to Tampa for this one. “I love vintage!”

Strictly Ballroom; How Fran went from a pock-mark freak to a dancing beauty in under 20 minutes is beyond me.

She’s The Man; Cross dressing is quirky! Look at me! I’m wearing a mustache! But I’m a GIRL! How crazy!

A Cinderella Story; Hilary Duff has it in her contract that she needs to have a requisite costume change montage.

Miss Congeniality: Oh Sandra, you’re so sassy. You told him…WAIT! Watch out for those heels!

The Princess Diaries: It taught us that curly haired girls are FUGLY and straight-haired girls are princesses. I think that’s veiled anti-semitism.

Grease: Uh duh. Why does Sandy need to be the one who changes?

Pollyanna: I was obsessed with this scene when I was younger. I wanted a sailor outfit with a hat with a pom pom on it. Instead I got an outfit from the Pretty Plus department from Sears.

Goblet of Fire: Hermione in pink! I never thought I’d live to see the day!

Earth Girls Are Easy: makeovers are not just for the gals! A surfer dude exists under all that fur!

She’s Out of Control: A whole movie whose BASIS is a makeover. I watched this incessantly and scrutinized every outfit. And I am ashamed to say, copied many of them in high school.

Clueless: yes I know you were all waiting for this one. Makeovers give Cher a sense of order in a world of chaos. And a fat Brittany Murphy a scene that will go down in our memories forever.

10 thoughts on “List: best movie makeover scenes

  1. No, it’s based on the bar called Hogs and Heffers that used to exist in NYC. Coyote Ugly bars opened after the movie. LAME!

    Wait, have you never seen that movie?

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  3. I’m totally a late comer to this but the whole Grease thing makes me absolutely crazy (how she changes for him but he just gets to be himself).
    I used to babysit my younger cousins and they LOVED this movie which made me so completely sad for them since they seemed to think this was something to strive for.

  4. let’s not forget ‘rose rachel morgan’ (barbra) in The Mirror Has Two Faces.. because of course beauty=highlights and a velvet ribbon round one’s neck..

  5. Hey, you missed some. How about these movies?

    Dirty Dancing – The mother of all makeover movies. Baby is rescued from a corner by turning from ugly duckling into a dancing swan.
    The Devil Wears Prada – It seems, Anne Hathaway has made a career out of makeovers.
    Never Been Kissed – It’s the ultimate geek-to-chic movie.
    My Big, Fat Greek Wedding – A frumpy Greek girl becomes a hottie by just putting on lipgloss.
    My Fair Lady – Even classics had makeovers.
    Sabrina – Another one with Audrey Hepburn (and later with Julia Ormond). Paris makes her a fashion plate and she gets a millionaire.
    Pretty Woman – A movie that made us believe that even streetwalkers can find prince charming.
    Tootsie & Mrs Doubtfire – Gotta love men dressing up as fugly women. LOL
    Connie & Carla and Victor/Victoria – Gotta love women dressing up as men, dressing us as women. :)
    Cinderella and The Little Mermaid – There were even makeover cartoons, fairy godmother-style. Apparently, Disney loves makeovers!
    Anastasia – Orphaned street urchin gets dressed up and becomes a princess. It’s kind of like Princess Diaries in animation.
    John Tucker Must Die – A girl gets into the A-list crowd and gets the hottest guy in school. Wait, is this She’s All That (Part 2)?

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