Consumer Reports

WATCH: The new season of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo on Tuesdays.

Seriously, she is fucking hilarious. Forget that whole Suddenly Susan stint.

Architecture in Helsinki; Places like this:I just don’t get the appeal. Seams like they are being cooky for the sake of being cooky. Don’t bother. [actual release: August 7]

Listen to Feather in a Baseball Cap

Bad Brains; Build a Nation: You think I’d be excited that Bad Brains have actually reunited to produce a new studio album. For some reason, it’s better left in the past. Kids today don’t appreciate it. If you want to get into them, go to the older stuff first (Try I Against I). [actual release: June 26]

Listen to Jah People Make the World Go Round

Stereo Total: Paris <> Berlin: omg luuuuv them. It is a German synth-pop due that sings in both French and German. Much of the stuff makes you think you are in a uber-Eurotrash bar. But fantastic. [actual release: August]

Listen to Ta Voix au Telephone

Tiger Army; Music From Regions Beyond: The best of the psychobilly bands. Like the Lillingtons, they have a timeless sound that always is a throwback to its original form. And…. they’re from Berkeley! [actual release: June 5]

Listen to Lunatone


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