Horrendous movie alert

Anyone see the trailer for the new movie Good Luck Chuck? Otherwise known as Wedding Crashers Employee of the Month Part 2?

Here’s what frustrates me about this the most:

  • It looks incredibly unfunny
  • Dane Cook probably put in his contract that he needs to show off his newly tones hairless chest in at least 40% of the scenes
  • It has the Entourage-esque masculine ideal fantasy, and comes off as incredibly misogynist and idiotic
  • It perpetuates the notion that overweight people are incredibly disgusting, stupid, and unattractive, and do nothing all day but stuff their faces and are deperate for a lay
  • The writers of the movie are buying into all of these gendered, misogynist views and exploiting them to make money for the movie
  • some people may actually find this movie funny
  • Jessica Alba has said repeatedly she wants people to start taking her seriously as an actress and to stop looking at her ass. Well, this seems the way to start. Good job, Jess.
  • I still find Dane Cook a tiny bit physically attractive and I hate myself for it.

This may rival Rush Hour 3 and Chuck and Larry as the most disgusting movies of the summer.


5 thoughts on “Horrendous movie alert

  1. I’m so glad you’ll be moving to a major metropolitan area soon, so you won’t have to exert energy on these kinds of films anymore. There really are more than the 7 movies playing at the metroplex on wide release in America.

  2. I think Dane Cook is kinda hot, too. But what’s really bad is that I had no idea who he was until recently. Apparently the young people think he’s a comic genius. I feel so out of touch.

  3. Have you seen “Once” yet? It gave me TNAB flashbacks–they record an album in a little studio over a weekend just like we did (or sort of like we did).

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