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The Cribs; Mens Needs, Women’s Needs, whatever. The Cribs are like another version of The Libertines, The Holloways, Milburn, The View, and all those supposedly bratty British bands. There are no standout tracks yet, but I feel like if I listen to it enough it will grow on me. [actual release: May 21]

Listen to “Men’s Needs” / “I’ve tried Everything


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Is is: Luuuurve the YYYs, their debut is one of my favorites of all time. Show Your Bones was a little disappointing, but based on the few songs on this EP, they’ve won me over all over again.[actual release: July 23]

Listen to: “Rockers to Swallow” / “10 x10

Everyone’s all abuzz about Bitten, which is Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line. Ok, so I can appreciate her wanting to make affordable clothing, and she has also said that she wants women of all sizes to feel confortable, which I can appreciate, but I was in Dave and Barry’s the other day, and god, was the stuff GROSS. Sure, it’s cheaply made, but there were threads hanging off the hems, and the material was paper thin. It also looks like she raided the Joyce Leslie clearance rack from last summer for design ideas. Short sleeved blazers? Drawstring capris? Cropped hoodies? My sleepwear is more fashion forward. I can appreciate affordability, but SJP, don’t act like your stuff is so great when it could be found next to the Kathy Lee line at K-Mart.


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