new feetch

I’m trying to psych myself up about my move, so I’ve started a calendar, which you can access over on the sidebar, with upcoming shows in the Bay Area that I would like to/plan on attending. It’s a lil overwhelming, considering I have barely seen any live music in the last three years, whereas living in nyc I went 2-3 times a week. However, I am now three years older, which means…

You know you are getting old when you feel annoyed that shows go on too late. Doors usually open around 8pm, that means the opening act goes on about 9pm, plays for 40 minutes, there is about a 20 minute break in bewtween for set up, there may be more than one, and then your headline doesn’t get on until 10:30 or so, and it over after midnight. Then I first have to catch the subway/bus? I won’t be home until after 1am. Oy! If I have to work the next day, I will be spent. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if bands decided to play a matinee show? I think that would be fantastic. I’d be all energy and jumping around right in front. Or even start at 4pm. Teens are out of school by then. When I start my record label, I will require bands to play matinee shows. Fuck, I’m old.


10 thoughts on “new feetch

  1. I hear ya!

    The next sign that you’re getting old will be giving preference to shows that have seated venues! I’m already there. Sigh.

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