blast from the past

Ok, so several people have have brought up the movie Mannequin in recent conversations (weird, I know!) so I decided to rewatch it, knowing it would be bad. But oh my god, the horrosity. Okay, excluding the costume montage, because that was obviously awesome. Ok, I need some suspension of disbelief, but thw creators weren’t even TRYING. So, Emmy was supposed to be an ancient Egyptian princess, but when they showed her in Egypt, she was wrapped as a mummy. As in, mummies are Egyptian, so everyone must dress like that. Come ON, people, look in the Encyclopedia Brittanica or something. Also awesome: James Spader and Andrew McCarthy are in the same movie, proving to me that they are not the same person. And, of course, they get married at the end of the movie, because it isn’t a happy ending until there is marriage. Also, it ended the way every movie in the 80s did: with a still frame underneath the credits.

Ummmmm, awesome fan mix!

Also, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle was much funnier than I expected.

So was Reno 911! Miami. Go figure. The extended scenes were about a thousand times funnier than any part of the movie or any of the shows.


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