What the hell happened to Broadway?

I take this as another sign that New York has gone to shit. First, Bed Bath and Beyonds are popping up on the Lower East Side, and now this crap is invading Broadway. What. the. fuck. Legally Blonde comes to broadway. Stephen Sondheim probably wants to shoot himself in the face. I know I do.

This song is called “Ohmigod you guys”. For real.

“What You Want”

“Bend and Snap” Please make it stop.


List: my favorite mashups

For those of you living under a rock, a mashup is when someone takes two songs and combines them into one cohesive, new song. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, however, because the mixing of the two songs should just blend together like they were meant to be and it makes a greater track than either of the original. Also, a clever blending of the titles is necessary. Sometimes I feel like amateur DJs just lay the vocals of one song over the instrumental of the other track and HOPE they go together. Not good enough. I’ve been a mashup junkie for years, and here are several of my favorites. Remember, right-click and save, or listen to them right from this page.

Supermassive Sexyback
Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole”/Justin Timberlake “Sexyback”

“Destiny’s Child “Bootyliscious”/ Stevie Wonder “Superstitious”

Madonna “Get Into the Grove”/Bloc Party “Helicopter”

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Remix
Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”/MSTRKRFT (unknown song)

Requiem for Usher
Usher “Yeah”/ Requiem for A Dream Score

Humps Up
Black Eyed Peas “My Humps”/Madonna “Hung Up”

Song(s) of the day

Gin Blossons, “Allison Road” YES THE GIN BLOSSOMS, OK. I used to love this song, and whenever I took the Addison Road Blue Like train in DC I would get this song in my head.

Manic Street Preachers, “Winterlovers” I totally didn’t appreciate MSP until recently.

Operation Ivy, “The Crowd“. Cause they’re from Berkeley. Wheeee!

List: best opening credits

I pulled these in one thought, so I may be forgetting something.

se7en: creepy!

Josie and the Pussycats: can I please be in this band? I also love credits that introduce characters

My Best Friend’s wedding: you know you love it!

Last of the Mohicans: also some of the best film music

Dawn of the Dead: scared the crap out of me

Mannequin: wtf

Fight Club: an obvi choice

List: Reasons why Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is the worst movie ever made

  • The Silver Surfer, which was completely CGIed creation, was a better actor and had more depth than anyone in the movie
  • Sue Storm’s hair was the exact same color as her face.
  • Sue Storm had better powers, and saved everyone multiple times in the movie, although all was mentioned was that she was hot and she was going to have a beautiful wedding.
  • The Thing was dating a woman who was blind for no reason.
  • When Mr. Fantastic’s arms stretch, so do his clothes. What the fuck? Inspector Gadget was more believable.
  • It made me hate Chris Evans.
  • He runs into someone coming out of the shower in his science lab. WHY IS HE TAKING A SHOWER AT THE LAB AND WHY IS THE BATHROOM RIGHT OFF A PUBLIC HALLWAY?
  • Within three hours, Reed Richards created a planetary homing device complete with a lcd screen remote.
  • An intergalactic cloud was threatening to engulf planet earth. The only people involved with saving it were the fantastic 4, and three miltary officials. All American, of course.
  • They fly from New York to Siberia in a matter of seconds.
  • Since they are in China, they decide to get married Asian-style. Sue Storm dresses like a geisha. There are giggling Japanese women as guests.

Seriously, I don’t even know why I saw it. At least I didn’t have to pay.

of the day


Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Please make this all a dream.




Mark Ronson ft. Lily Allen, “Oh My God”


Not everyone has to agree with me.

SONG of the day

The Libertines, “Up the Bracket” in honor of the potential Libertines reunion

of the day

SONG of the day

Buffalo Tom, “Late At Night” I think I have been looking for this song for 14 years. If you watched My So-Called Life, you know why it’s awesome. If not, look it up.

WEIRD EVENT of the day

Crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Child

READ of the day

Queer in the Crib

AWESOME VIDEO of the day

The White Stripes perfoming Icky Thump and Effect & Cause on Conan

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