Things that are blowing my mind right now

The 4400 is blowing my mind right now. I’m halfway through Season 2. It’s the kind of science fiction I like: the one that makes sense within its own universe. One part x-files, Heroes, X-men, and Roswell. Good allegory and enough suspense. Anyone else watch it? I wouldn’t have even heard of it if a friend of mine hadn’t forced me to watch the first season.

(And I TOTES have a crush on Marco, the geeky forensics guy.)

I usually don’t like books to be made into movies, but Perfume was an exception. An amazing book, and you would never think it could be made into a movie. If you get the genius behind Run Lola Run, it could be done. It is not as gimmick-y, but it does have some great visual scenes. My only complaint is that there is a narrator, which to me signifies weak screenwriting. Then again, I don’t think you could do without one. Dustin Hoffman basically plays himself. For those of you that have read the book, yes, they really do have that ending in there. I think it did not get a wide release in the US because of it is incredibly graphic and it is about a murderer as the protagonist. That and the US likes shitty movies. For me, this may go up there along with Fight Club as one of the best book-to-movie adaptations.

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