More thoughts on Berkeley

Today, in People’s Park, I noticed about five homeless people with cell phones. I am not really sure how to wrap my head around that.

Every night, around 11pm, a group of guys gathers in the parking lot behind my building to smoke up and play shitty pseudo indie-folk on their guitars. I feel like it is supposed to give me the ESSENCE of Berkeley, but for fuck’s sake they are so bad. They play through most of the night, and now it has been somehow incorporated into my dreams.

I just realized there is a Hot Topic located on Telegraph Avenue. That is like having a Taco Bell in Mexico.

Three people have already asked me where Connecticut is.


2 thoughts on “More thoughts on Berkeley

  1. Sounds like quite the place you’ve found. When I lived in Adams-Morgan we had a parking lot behind our place. It was full of rats and garbage though, rather than men. I don’t even know what Hot Topic is.

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