List: best endings

With the major question of how will Harry Potter end? (hahahahahaha I know) I was thinking about some things that have come to end that I actually thought were good endings. This i rare. I usually hate when tv shows or books or series feel they have to make this big deal and wrap things up. Shows and movies are just a slice of some people’s lives, and we are supposed to believe that their lives go on after. Obvs, there are spoilers here for those of you that haven’t seen the whole thing through.

Six Feet Under– Claire leaves for New York and we don’t know what happens, but we do seehow all the characters end up dying. I have never cried so hard in my life.

The Office (UK) Tim and Dawn finally get together, and David Brent enjoys a happy moment with his old co-workers. In an over-the-top comedy, it was actually pretty poignant.

Friends: I know, the show that turned into a joke of itself, actually had a fitting ending. All the friends heading down to the coffee shop was a pretty good way to end.

Titanic…shut up. you know it was good.

Being John Malkovich…Craig trapped in Emily’s body for all eternity without any power to control. Creeeeeepy.

Requiem for a Dream– in a movie about addicts, you’d think they would show their recovery. Things just went from shitty to even shittier.

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days- Omg, they were like made for each other. I am sew happy they fall in love at the end!

Primal Scream– once of the best surprise endings ever. When Richard Gere finds out he’s been jerked around the entire time it’s the best acting he’s done.

American Psycho (the book). Did he really kill all those people? Was it symbolic of his attitude toward society? Did he dream it? We’ll never know.

Dogville: I spent half the movie wishing she would just shoot the fuck out of everyone in the town. And then….she does.

The Village: some say it was predicatable and a cop-out, but I thought it rocked.

Inside Man– don’t fuck with the Jews.

X-Men: The Last Stand: the movie pissed me off so much, but the hint that Magneto may have not have lost his powers got me all squirmy again.

Elephant: I kind of guessed how it would end, but holy shit.

Bully: The look of shame of the parents’ faces while their children were on trial was brilliant.

Dawn of the Dead: After all that struggle….they are ultimately doomed.


2 thoughts on “List: best endings

  1. My favorite TV series finales: “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (so symmetrical when compared to the pilot!) and “Knots Landing” (Abby moves back to Seaview Circle. Perfect!).

  2. Came here from The Dairi Burger. HOLY CRAP, SFU. I was a hot mess during and after watching that. And that song… “Breathe Me”? It was so my wedding song.

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