No spoilers yet…

I’m sorry, I had to say something. I am really upset that I haven’t caught the Potter fever. Even though I got a head start on book 7, I still haven’t gotten through it. It’s not grabbing me. I miss them being in Hogwarts and dealing with things from there, not this mess of duels and people from the ministry. I know how it ends, and it just wraps up too neatly. I no longer feel interested in the characters. Correction, I just want more scenes that give character development, not scenes that advance an increasingly complicated plot. The plot has become pure good v. evil, with no real complications or thought-provoking dilemnas. And STILL Harry is devoid of any real personality. He just sits there for a while and every once in a while has an outburst of irrational anger.

It’s like the first five books were cool indie films, and the last two became mindless summer blockbusters.

And some spoiler-y stuff….

How can you end the most anticipated book probably of all time with “All was well”? That is so dumb.


4 thoughts on “No spoilers yet…

  1. I’m sorry you feel that way. Do you think knowing the ending might be contributing to your feelings? I thought the whole thing was touching and I loved the political thriller aspects of the story. There were a few parts that should have been edited down (the search for the locket for instance) but I think you have to accept Harry as the teenager he is and get engrossed by the development of all the supplementary characters, Dumbledore, Ron, and Neville specifically. I had a couple of issues with plot points (she couldn’t have mentioned Muggle Studies once in any of the other books?) and I thought the epilogue should have been expanded and explained more (think celebratory scenes from Star Wars, does Harry have a good relationship with the Dursleys, did they finish school, what do they do for work?). But I thought the whole book was gripping, touching and really satisfying.

  2. I agree, the epilogue could’ve been better. And she killed off my favorite character so I felt like committing suicide near the end of the book. Also, she already killed Harry’s parents; why would she kill ANOTHER kid’s parents, too? Does she like all her characters to have sucky lives? Because nobody really had a happy ending. At least one person died in every family, or something. I’m bad at math.

  3. I thought it was fantastic. My favorite. I’m glad it didn’t all take place at Hogwarts, as that really sets it apart from the other six books. When Harry, Hermione, and Ron were roaming the countryside searching for Horcruxes it was fun to see them out in the real world being real adult wizards rather than just students. The action scenes were very well done. I liked the surprise attack in London.

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