Loony Lovegood

I’ve been critical of HP stuff lately and apparently people I talk to re getting very defensive, like how DARE I criticize. I’m not talking about any of you, my dear loyal readers. This whole HP blitz has been quite emotional for me. I’m going to talk about the Order of the Phoenix movie, which I reluctantly drgged myself to see today.

OOTP is my favorite Harry Potter book thus far. Why? Because it begins to get into political allegory about progessivism v. conservatism. Because we get a lot of charcter development and learn a lot more about the complexity of some people’s relationships, and delve into the pasts of a lot of characters. We learn more about Neville’s family, the original Order, why Sirius is such an outcast, the list goes on….

None of that was portrayed in the movie. And I understand that. I understand the art of movie-making in that there is only a finite amount of time one can use to move the story along. They needed to get to the main point, which was a big Harry/Voldemort showdown. Yawn.

So the movie was well done, it was enjoyable, but I had a pit in my stomach the whole time. What astounds me is when they remove plot points. 99% of people who will see this movie has read the books. They know the plot, there is no getting around it. In fact, I have seen close to nothing in terms of marketing of this movie; people just know the date it comes out and then they go see it. So why did they make it that Cho gave up the names of Dumbledore’s army? And that is why Harry loses interest? Um, no, I wanted to see the touchingly awkward Valentine’s date. If I hadn’t read the book twice, I would be totally confused as to why Harry thought Sirius was in the Dept. of Mysteries. Kreacher gave him up, but we did not see that at all. So, why did we even get a glance of Kreacher in the beginning? I know it probably sets us up for the next movie, but still, it did not make sense.

Something else I was looking forward to was when we see Snape’s memory of being tortured by James Potter and company. This give a lot of insight into why Snape is the way that he is and shows Harry that his father and Sirius and Lupin were not the perfect people he has made them out to be. In the movie, we get only a brief flash.

I thought Imelda Staunton did a wonderful Umbridge, but somehow her evil did not come through in the movie like it did in the book. Also, I rully want a kitten room.

Another scene I was greatly anticipating was Fred and George’s major sabotage of the OWL exams. I had heard so much about this scene, I had high hopes. But, seriously, didn’t they do more than just fireworks? Is that really advanced CGI? I thought they also filled the place with suds too. Did they run out of budget?

At the department of mysteries showdown, what was with all the gray swirling around? What is this, Nightcrawler? Just show the magic. And the brain thing. And the thing that makes the bird go from old to young. You know what I mean. Sigh.

And Gawp- was it even necessary? Since they didn’t even explain why Hagrid had him? I guess they needed some comedic relief. Or something.

Luna was pretty cute. But wasn’t she picked from like 100,000 other hopefuls? Was she really the best?

Ok, I’ll try to be positive:
*Loved Tonks. I wished there were more of her.
*We finally see a non-white wizard.
*The flight from Privet Drive to Grimwald place was pretty kick-ass.
*Lupis and Sirius: totally gay for each other.
*Young Snape: emo goth. Cute!
*Ever notice the actress who plays Ginny and the actress who plays Lily Potter look a lot alike? Coincidence?
*Neville is so dapper. I don’t know what that means.


One thought on “Loony Lovegood

  1. I too would rate Order of the Phoenix as one of my favorites (second to Deathly Hallows, which I just finished—sigh). I thought the movie was good, second best to Goblet of Fire in my opinion (After re-watching them recently, I think Azkaban’s totally overrated and too interested in its artsiness). I don’t mind that a lot of stuff from the book is missing. I think of the movies as the best effort to visualize the Harry Potter world. Much of the depth of the back story is necessarily lost, as that works better on the page than on the screen. So what if Cho gives up the DA instead of that other girl who’s not in the movie? Having fewer characters in the films makes sense, as it’s harder to set up that many people. The DA is about half the size in the film than in the book. They invented “Nigel” to represent a combination of young Gryffindors. The Patels are both Gryffindors so they can be together. I’m fine with all that. I thought the Weasleys’ rebellion was done very well–the idea in the film that the decrees (about a hundred, instead of just the 8 or so in the book) were mounted on the wall outside the great hall and that their hijinks knocked them all of the wall was cool. Imelda Staunton was amazing, and I liked that she replaced Umbridge’s cough with a little squeak. We’ve seen non-white wizards in the previous films: Cho, the Patels, Dean, for example. Finally, I thought the Minstry of Magic looked really cool and I loved when Voldemort shattered all the windows, raining down shards of glass that Dumbledore turned into sand.

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