Top albums of the 90s #30-21

Can you take the anticipation?

#30 Letters to Cleo, Wholesale Meats and Fish (1995)
I have no idea why they never made it huge.

#29 Sarah McLaughlin, Fumbling Towards Ecstacy (1994)
I never got to go to Lilith Fair!

#28 Fugazi, Repeater (1990)

#27 Fiona Apple, When the Pawn….(1998)
Oh, Fiona. Remember when heroin chic was in?

#26 Ash, 1977 (1996)
“Girl From Mars” will change your life.

#25 Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole (1995)

#24 Screeching Weasel, My Brain Hurts (1991)
The second best pop-punk album ever.

#23 Dar Williams, Mortal City (1996)
“Iowa” makes me cry everytime. I listened to the shit out of Dar in college.

#22 Built to Spill, Perfect from Now On (1997)

#21 Lillingtons, Death By Television (1999)
The best pop-punk album ever.


One thought on “Top albums of the 90s #30-21

  1. dar williams was my feminist theory prof. not really, but really – like some sort of correspondance class or something.

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