Zombies and Avril Lavigne

Ok, I am slooooowly trying to rebuild my music collection after losing it all, but I’ve managed to recover some interesting tidbits. Firstly, I finally found the soundtrack to 28 Weeks Later, and it is amazing. It was done by someone named John Murphy, whom I’ve never heard of before (Mike? Help me out?). Sure it’s reptitive, but it fits the movie perfectly. I am thinking of doing a list of the best movie scores.

don-abandons-alice.mp3 (dload)

Also amusing me is Avril Lavigne’s “Girldfriend” in Spanish. I hated the song when it came out, but somehow this makes it kind of better.


Also, Gary Glitter’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me There?” because it is pretty funny since he is now a child molestor. Also, you may know the song from Velvet Goldmine. In that case, the answer to the question is obvious.



4 thoughts on “Zombies and Avril Lavigne

  1. Love, love, LOVE your blog! I have to say, I have yet to add any anybody to my blogroll (because I’m ultra-picky.) But you have made it, missy! Your blog is clean and easy to read. Plus, you have countless references to important time-sucking links to things I care about: music, pop culture, and project runway. (I even squandered 20 mins leaving a comment on the “Brilliant Bur Canceled” website). You are my new guilty pleasure! Congratulations!

    hey, also, you should consider checking out Hype Machine.com. It’s another time-sapping website that compiles music bloggers mp3 posts–great to sample and they even have their own music player if you would like to listen to a bunch at a time. (Like a virtual WinAmp.) It was amazing to come across your blog!

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