Top albums of the 90s: #20-11

#20 Live, Secret Smanadhi (1997)
You may be surprised that I picked this over Throwing Copper, but I stand my ground. That one was more radio-friendly, this is more dark and complex. “Freaks” is a standout track/

#19 Bush, Sixteen Stone (1994)
The future Mr. Gwent Stefani really rocked the fuck out of this one. Although it is a great album, it marked grunge going into mainstream. When this came out runway models were already wearing flannel.

#18 Le Tigre, Le Tigre (1999)
My favorite queer synth-punk band…although I am not sure of others.

#17 Nada Surf, The Proximity Effect (1999)
I want to marry this band.

#16 Aimee Mann, Magnolia (1999)
This album is so good the movie was actually written based on the songs.

#15 The Pixies, Bossonova (1990)
At least when they broke up, they went out with a bang.

#14 Social Distortion, Social Distortion (1990)
Rockabilly revival. Tell me you can’t hear “Ball and Chain” without singing along.

#13 No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom (1995)
I don’t know how a pure ska band got to be the biggest pop band in the workd, but dammit Gwen stop that ego and make another ND record.

#12 Hole, Live Through This (1994)
Although this was conveniently released around the same time as her husband’s death, it didn’t matter if she was riding coattails or not. This album is pure 90s.

#11 Radiohead, Ok Computer (1995)
I blame all my depression on this album. This was, in my opinion, Radiohead’s pure genius product, and then it all went downhill from here.


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