soundtrack to my life

Is this list of songs:

a. some tracks off some new albums that I am loving right now

b. an excuse for me to show off my obscure, yet refined, taste in unknown music

c. all of the above

Listen to or right click the song name and save as.

The Dirtbombs, “Stupid

Cold War Kids, “Hang Me Out to Dry

Beirut; “Transatlantique

The Cribs. “The New Fellas

The White Stripes, “Conquest

Matt and Kim. “Dash After Dash

Elastica, “Stutter

Spoon, “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb


2 thoughts on “soundtrack to my life

  1. Spoon is sorely underrated and is due for some major big time accolade for some mainstream press.

    Hey, I want to interview you on some things pop culture-related, and post the interview/session on my blog. But I don’t have your email… Hit me up on my blog… my email is there.

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