Essential Albums: Built to Spill

I think that Built to Spill INVENTED the catchy guitar hook. They have been around a while and basically influence every indie band out there. Choosing one of their albums is hard, but this release from 1999 seemed appropriate.

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[BUILT TO SPILL; Keep it Like a Secret]

Wikipedia: Built to Spill



Celebrities I hate and why, part 2

If you don’t mind allowing me to continue my hate…

Cameron Diaz

Why? Laughing like an idiot and wiggling ass does not make a career.

Kate Hudson:

Why: smiling til your face falls off does not make a star. Plus, your foray into dumb chick flicks does not make you accomplished. The second you sat down to pee with a big Russian fur hat on in Almost Famous made me loathe you. In fact, I would have traded you for some beers in a poker game in a second. Plus, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days made me rip out my uterus and stomp on it. Plus, Owen Wilson over Chris Robinson? Wtf?

Natalie Portman

Why: Ahhhhh, the one I love to hate the most. This gal is so overrated it kills me. Firstly, she has this way of acting by gritting her teeth and talking without moving her mouth. Don’t believe me? Watch the Phantom Menace. Finally, Garden State is the root of all evils. If I were Zach Braff, the second I met her I’d want to punch her in the face, not fall in love. And no, no matter how many Oscar nominations it got, I am not convinced that you are a stripper that can snag Clive Owen. HATE!

There are also some former objects of my hate that have since convinced me otherwise. So Natalie, there is still hope for us.

Kirsten Dunst: I hated her forever (in the Bring It On Days) but Marie Antoinette made me love her! Good work Kiki!

Keira Knightley: Pirates annoyed the shit out of me, but Pride & Prejudice was fantastic.

List: celebs I hate (and the reasons why)

For those of you that know me, I have immense, irrational hatred for certain actresses. Well, I hate some actors too (I’m looking at you, Richard Gere) but for some reason I save my hatred for the women, perhaps as some sort of internalized oppression or something. I’m not going to analyze it, but here they are so you can keep track.

Meghan Fox

Why? The second she got cast in Tranformers, she appeared in every men’s magazine rubbing her crotch everywhere. She also forgets her roots, which was starring in an Olsen twins movie (the one where they go on an island vacation or something). Also, she never closes her fucking mouth. It’s called breathing through your nose. Look into it.

Scarlett Johanson

Why: She is actual shitty actress and basically plays the same character in every movie. She talks about how she wants to be taken seriously as an actress and not as a sex symbol yet she takes very non-serious roles.Plus two words: the Nanny Diaries. ‘Nuff said.

Anna Paquin

Why: she was maybe good in the Piano, but get a grip on your career, woman. Playing a whore in Almost Famous didn’t help much. Plus, I hated Rogue so much in X-Men 3 I kind of blame her. Her method of acting is kind of a dead, emotionless stare.

Zooey Daschanel

Why: she always talks like she is stoned, no matter what movie and tried really hard to be kooky and kute. She basically ruined Weeds Season 2 for me.

Jennifer Garner

Why: tried to hard to be kute and kooky and always fails. And because she divorced Scott Foley- who would do that? And also because of the trout pout.

This is one of the most fun lists I’ve done so far! More to come…

Comsumer report

“Do these leather pants make my hips look big?”

Davey Havock, a punk icon, if I may, has really lost what little bit of cred he ever had with me by starting a side project with another band member no one cares about. [He has already started appearing on TRL and is about five minutes away from having his own line of safety pin earrings at Claire’s] So, he started an electronic band names Blaqk Audio. No, that is not a typo. It’s just a qool way to spell it. I thinqk it is worse that the album is called Cex Cells. I am the grammar police, and I don’t liqe it one bit. What’s even worse: the band sounds like it is the headliner for Nylon’s nightclub in Bayonne, New Jersey. It’s so bad it’s worth a listen.



On the other hand, Bat for Lashes is pretty good. Don’t know much about her, but I’m liking it.