Top albums of the 90s #10-6

#10 The Murder City Devils, Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts (1998)
Proof that you don’t need to be a good singer to be a good singer of the band. And that organs make awesome punk music. And that the base guitar is the most important instrument in the band. Too bad they broke up.

#9 The Dandy Warhols, Come Down (1997)
The DWs were supposedly supposed to be the next big thing. They took a little of grunge, a little of glam and a little of pop but it never caught on with a wide audience. They also get away with a weird dynamic: they mix acoustic sounds with electric guitars and the result is a full sound that is so good it makes me tingle.

#8 Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral (1994)
This was supposed to be the “mainstreaming” of industrial music. If anything, it showed that synthesizers weren’t just for bad pop bands. Trent Reznor = fucking genius. Any album where he sings “I wanna f**** you like an animal” is okay in my book.

#7 Guns n Roses, Use Your Illusion I & Use Your Illusion II (1991)
Ok, I cheated, this is two albums, but you can’t have one without the other. Sure, GNR was so misogynist and sexist it wasn’t even funny. And their glorified drugs and alcohol lifestyles wasn’t doing much to give them credibility as artists. But holy shit, could they go over the top without being ironic. Can we talk “November Rain”? Everyone, no matter what they were into, listened to that song about a zillion songs. They wrote the best rock songs I have ever heard.

#6 Tori Amos, Boys For Pele (1996)
Oh, Tori. There are true Tori fans and there are wannabes. The wannabes love Little Earthquakes and her poppy stuff. TRUE fans really understand Boys for Pele. In fact, I hated this when I first heard it. The more you listen, the more you see the genius. Tori is not just a “chick singer” she’s a fucking genius.

Who’s in the top 5? Is the anticipation killing you???


One thought on “Top albums of the 90s #10-6

  1. The top 10! How exciting.

    10 – I’m afraid I’ve never heard of this.
    9 – A Portland band! This sounds interesting. I know them for their later hit, “Bohemian Like You”
    8 – I do love “Closer.” Wasn’t it featured in an episode of My So-Called Life?
    7 – “November Rain” was good, “Don’t Cry” too, but this isn’t going to make my list.
    6 – I didn’t put this in my top 100, and I might regret that, as this was like required listening freshman year in college. “Horses” always sounded really good on a quiet rainy morning.

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