Essential album(s): Spoon

Sometimes I don’t know what to write about these. They are essential, just listen to them now. Name drop them for cred if you want. It’s hard to pick Spoon’s favorite album so luckily I got my hands on the discogrpahy. If I were forced to pick, Girls Can Tell and Gimme Fiction are the best. But the rest run a very close second.

Find out more about Spoon here.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007)

Gimme Fiction (2005)

Kill The Moonlight (2002)

Girls Can Tell (2001)

A Series of Sneaks (1998)

Telephono (1996)


2 thoughts on “Essential album(s): Spoon

  1. Happy to find another big fan of Girls Can Tell. I blogged about that record recently too. I don’t think they’ll ever top that one, as it really is one of my favorite records ever!

  2. Spoon is insanely talented! I have a theory about bands with red-headed lead singer/songwriters.

    – Spoon
    – Queens of the Stone Age
    – Tori Amos ¿ ?

    …yeah, well, I’m still working on it.

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