The Ten

I caught a matinee of The Ten, and it might as well have been called Wet Hot American Summer 2.

It is the same writer/director and the same group of actors. Everyone included in The State/Reno 911!/Wet Hot posse, including a hilarious deadpan Paul Rudd, Thomas Lennon, Jason Sudeikas, Kerri Kenney, Mike Powers, Justin Theroux as Jesus Christ (DM), Liev Schreiber, and brief cameos by Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter. Come to think of it, it was like all my celeb boyfriends in one movie. Also with a surprisingly hilarious Winona Ryder- where the hell has she been lately? Some of the stuff fell flat, other stuff was hilarious. The movie ran like a 90-minute episode of the State. So if you never found that or Wet Hot funny, this will seem entirely weird. Also, if you can’t laugh at a scene using prison rape as a punchline, then maybe it’s not for you. Also, if you have no appreciation for comedic delivery, then forget it. Also, a great comedic tribute to Y Tu Mama Tambien.


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