mediocrity rules

If there’s something I hate, it’s mediocrity. Lately, some things I’ve watched/read have really let me down, considering I’ve had high hopes for it.

Weeds, Season 2.
Ugh, what happened? Season One was really a black comedy with some real feeling. You really sympathized with Nancy Botwin and there was great character development and somewhat realistic storylines. This season turned into some slapstick, set up “comedic” scenes that had no basis in reality. Characters were shallow and it was hard to connect with any of them or care about their story lines. Some were added for no reason at all other than to get some comedy including the incredibly fucking annoying Zooey Daschanel. The only one I still enjoyed was Justin Kirk because I enjoy his creepy/sleazy sense of humor. I am also becoming increasingly irritated with the depiction of the Black characters; as if their “sassy blackness” becomes the whole basis to their character. Characters that were interesting last year basically played no part (Sanjay?) in this series. I don’t like the direction this is taking and I don’t know how Season 3 is doing, but it really felt like a totally different show.

Rilo Kiley- Under the Blacklight
The new album from my favorite fucking band ever is abosultely terrible. Their first two albums were genius, More Adventerous was decent, this is elevator music, plain and simple. Ugh.

I love David Fincher movies. Scratch that. I love love love David Fincher movies (Fight Club, Seven, Panic Room, Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video). But why was this one so goddam boring? Sure, the murder scenes were creepy, but whu could I barely keep my eyes open? I think we’ve also seen Jake Gyllenhaal as the wide-eyed nubie a zillion times before. mark Ruffalo was just going throught the motions.

Love is a Mix Tape
by Rob Sheffield
Rob Sheffield write the way I think: memories are made from music, and listening to a certain song can take me back, and music is what defines memories for me. He uses mixtapes he found to remember old loves and times his life. I was looking forward to this forever, but god was it boring and whiny. I wonder why the hell he is a music journalist and not.

Interpol- Our Love to Admire

I am really trying to like this, but I think Interpol’s ship has sailed.

So this confirms my theory that I should always keep my standards rock bottom, so I will never be disappointed. However, some things I am looking forward to which I hope will not let me down:

Rome Season 2
The Gum Thief
How Indie Rock Saved My Life
The Boleyn Inheritance


4 thoughts on “mediocrity rules

  1. I’m double commenting to say I really did like that Rob Sheffield book though. I thought it was really sad and sweet, a good read that I finished in just a few days.

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