Comsumer report

“Do these leather pants make my hips look big?”

Davey Havock, a punk icon, if I may, has really lost what little bit of cred he ever had with me by starting a side project with another band member no one cares about. [He has already started appearing on TRL and is about five minutes away from having his own line of safety pin earrings at Claire’s] So, he started an electronic band names Blaqk Audio. No, that is not a typo. It’s just a qool way to spell it. I thinqk it is worse that the album is called Cex Cells. I am the grammar police, and I don’t liqe it one bit. What’s even worse: the band sounds like it is the headliner for Nylon’s nightclub in Bayonne, New Jersey. It’s so bad it’s worth a listen.



On the other hand, Bat for Lashes is pretty good. Don’t know much about her, but I’m liking it.




One thought on “Comsumer report

  1. I’m planning to review Bat for Lashes this weekend. She’s nominated for the Mercury Prize, although of course Amy Winehouse is my favorite for that.

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