confessions on a dnce floor

Some things I am really embarrassed about right now.

  • I actually watched the movie Next just because Michael Trucco had a small role. And it was so not worth it. He is a terrible actor and actually looks kind of weird when not wearing a Colonial Uniform. But still easy on the eyes.
  • I actually enjoy this mashup of “Hung Up” and “My Humps” called “Humps Up”. Don’t judge. [humps-up.mp3]
  • I just read a Sleepover Friends book.

Have I no shame?

some good songs right now

You can either right click and save as, but wordpress also has a cool feature where if you put your cursor over the link, a window will pop up where you can play the song automatically. If you like anything, I can get you the whole album. Maybe.

04-silas-knife.mp3 (THE APPLESEED CAST)

06-dont-let-me-get-me.mp3 (PINK)(UMMMM YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT)

01-kissing-families.mp3 (SILVERSUN PICKUPS)

03-dj-dj.mp3 (TRANSPLANTS)

totem-on-the-timeline.mp3 (THE KLAXONS)

01-genesis.mp3 (JUSTICE)

04-for-reverend-green.mp3 (ANIMAL COLLECTIVE)

01-french-disko-stereolab-cover.mp3 (EDITORS DOING A STEREOLAB COVER)

04-exit-music-for-a-film.mp3 (VAMPIRE WEEKEND CONVERING RADIOHEAD)

10-cold-hands.mp3 (THE BLACK LIPS)

03-kelsey.mp3 (METRO STATION)

Factory snore

So after waiting maybe a year or more, I finally sat down and watched Factory Girl. God, how dreadful. I’d prefer it to be about Andy Warhol because he is a pretty fucked up guy. In this movie he played the quirky gay sidekick. And really, who the fuck cares about Edie Sedgwick? She is really annoying and didn’t do much but look pretty. But uh. mah. gawd. Hayden Christiansen is beyond hot as the Bob Dylan character. Like, it was kind of unbelievable. It almost made up for the dreadful dialogue and acting.

must do: See Death Proof

So today, Death Proof, one half of the Grind House movie, is out on dvd, and barely anyone saw it in theaters. I am telling you that this movie gives me the freaking chills it is so genius. I think that some people will actually hate it and not appreciate it. The plot is nonexistent and for about an hour and ten minutes, there is just banter amongst the actresses that don’t have anything to do with the plot. But the homage to bad grindhouse movies is striking as well as the camera work. And Kurt Russell’s best movie yet. And probably the best soundtrack to a movie ever.

Rule of stand up: drop the f-bomb a lot and that makes comedy

I was super duper excited for the comedy album from Michael Ian Black, but it kind of let me down. Not kind of. I expected more. I prefer him as McKinley or the registered sex offender in Reno. Or talking about Tamigachis in I Love the Nineties. Not as funny as David Cross, maybe on par with Patton Oswalt, definately a million times funnier than Dane Cook.

[MICHAEL IAN BLACK; I Am A Wonderful Man]