My god, I am so sixk and tired of using gay characters as a comic device. Why would you think that Stardust, as a british histotical fairytale, would throw some bullshit cheep shot gay jokes in there? Namely Robert DeNiro dressing in drag as a comedy. What a freak! Omg! He is going to caught by his enemy and killed during it! Oh, my aching sides! And hiding his effeminate nature in return for not getting the shit beat out of him from his crew. Namely, the one crewmember has to keep reminding him to be manly because god forbid he should be himself! HAHAHAHA! SO FUNNY!

Besides, it wasn’t a great movie anyway, and was about 40 minutes too long. And I am gonna say it. Claire Danes is so fucking ugly; I couldn’t beieve they made stars look like that. Horribly miscast. Yay Sienna Miller! Totally playing herself.


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