My thoughts on Rome Season 2 so far

I have three episodes left, and just like with The Deathly Hallows, I am reluctant to finish because I don’t want closure. I could watch this show forever, and go through generations and generations of Roman nobility (actually, I. Claudius actually picks up where this leaves off). However, I am not feeling this season like I was the first.

You all know I love the villains, and feel they are often misunderstood. However, with Marc Antony in one of the main roles this season, his hedonistic, gross ways are not redeeming, and he is starting to annoy, just a lil. And do we need to see him naked in like, every episode? Wait, why am I complaining? Same this Atia. Last season she was just kind of snarky. This season she loves to torture/murder people. It’s a bit over the top.

Give it up for the Jews in ancient Rome!

Octavian was my favorite character last season, and probably one of my favorite tv characters, ever. Then they went and changed up the actor when he got older (no one else seemed to age…and he suddenly became a redhead) and I don’t know if Simon Woods is a terrible actor or those are his stage directions. His character had conviction and stood against Antony and glorified Cesar, now he siddenly did a 180 and is acting as a greedy asshole, without much reason behind his actions. Maybe the power is getting to his head? Maybe I am about to find out?

Cicero was a great character, and I was upset by his death, although history predicts he died, etc. He was a character who stuck to principles and integrity. Same with Brutus, but you knew he was going to bite it.

Cleopatra- so miscast.

Although I loved them last season, I could give two shits about Pullo and Vorenus and their control of the gangs. I don’t like the storyline, and it does nothing for me, it is very one-domensional. And Pullo’s wife needs to go–I feel like the writers added her at the end of last season, and then never really knew what to do with her. And she forgave Pullo for killing her first boyf? I guess as women back then they were used to that shit, but come on. I liked them way better in the army.

Octavia is pretty boring this season, considering the shit she went through last season, like having her lesbian lover convince her to sleep with her brother to gain secret info about Cesar. Now there’s excitement.

Agrippa- soooooooooo cute!

Lots of it is this person’s army is battling this army, and vice versa, less of the political intrigue and character stuff I mis that. But-finally an actual battle scene! Not just the aftermath, inside of someone’s tent.

We shall see…


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