adventures in San Francisco: Telegraph Hill

So I am new to the city, so I will be doing some touristy things. But not act like an idiot tourist, which 99% of tourists do. I can’t help but compare it to New York, as I do with all cities. And it’s not like I am one of those people who refuse to believe anything outside of NYC is worthwhile (I mean I moved 3000 miles away, didn’t I?) but it is my frame of reference because I grew up with that as my reference as “the city”.

Place: Pier 39
What it is: kind of like South Street Sea Port, but a little more spread out and way more clam chowder restaurants. Lots of shitty souvenir shops and Alcatraz prison striped t-shirts. Lovely. I was there to chaperone a trip. Safe to say that there is no need to go back.

Place: Telegraph Hill neighborhood
What it is: a totally bougie neighborhood. I think I have a real estate fetish. I love looking at city properties and possibly even peeking inside to see the decor. These places are fucking amazing and I can only dream.

Place: Lombard Street
What it is: I was trying to avoid it because it was totally touristy, but I was oddly drawn to it because I SECRETLY wanted to see the San Francisco Real World house. Yes, remember the days when The Real World was interesting? Ah, those were the days….Judd lamenting over his crush on a Republican…Cory crying after a hard day’s work at Nordstrom’s….Rachel running around in babydoll dresses and bike shorts…Anyway, it’s the crookedest street in the world. And in a fairly not busy neighborhood, there were tourists crawling all over it, which, if I lived there (and was paying millions), I’d be pretty pissed. Sure, I guess you could call me a toursit, but I wasn’t letting my bratty kids crawl over the front porches and taking pics.


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