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So, I know I have been reluctant in the past, but I have been plowing through Season 3 of The Office. The show has actually gotten better this season, it’s less gags and more subtle funny stuff. In fact, the things I didn’t like about it last season are what I like this season. I used to think Dwight was a bit over the top and the writers were trying too hard to make him be weird for weird’s sake, but this season he is actually funny and a bit endearing. I actually enjoy him and Angela’s secret relationship. I am still not a Michael Scott fan, but I did like to see his annoyance at someone even more annoying that him- Andy. Who plays an annoying person very well. I am also over the whole Jim and Pam thing. Pam had her chance, she should have taken it, so stop the crying. I know they are trying to make Karen be the enemy, but in real life she is actually the more interesting person. Jim’s sly looks to the camera is getting kind of old and predictable. It is also hard for me to suspend belief about the dynamics of the office, and that Michael would not be fired for his antics, and that Jim would not try to find another job.

I see they are still trying to be true to the original UK version, because Michael’s presentation to Ryan’s business school class was an homage to the infamous “Simply the Best” speech. Still not as good.


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