How John Sellers changed my life.

So when you think of my interests, you probably think of music. Duh. And when people ask me my interests, I tell them music, and then it sounds dumb. And then they ask me what kind of music I like, and I sound like an ass like I am purposely naming stuff that no one has heard of. Sometimes people ask my what my favorite band is and I totally freeze up and actually get panicky. How can I even choose one? And really, I think I actually enjoy music in different way than other people. And I can’t really explain it to people. However, when people ask me from now on, I think I am just going to hand them a copy of this book.

This is basically a long diatribe about the bands he likes and why. Like me, he associates albums to time periods and current events. I want to spend the rest of my life with this man. Not even a romantic way, just rent a house in Berkeley and sit around and talk about music all day. If you want to understand me better and the way I think, read this book. He even loves making lists about music…sound like someone you know? If you don’t read it, you obviously don’t care about me. The second half of the book he gets into his unhealthy obsession with Guided By Voices…I haven’t really drank that Kool-Aid yet.

My envy of John Sellers is like my envy of Chuck Klosterman. Why and how in the hell does he do this for a living? Can I please get a job where I can talk about music all day? Because I do to whoever will listen. And to myself.

Anyway, he blogs too. I am destined to be bffs with John Sellers.


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