Kid Nation

I never imagined myself ever watching any reality show ever again, but I am so all over Kid Nation. 40 kids are sent out to live in an “abandoned” frontier town to see if they can successfully run a community. Although I call bullshit on them being all alone and doing everything by themselves. I am sure there is someone there telling them to bathe, and I don’t believe a group of eight year olds were able to cook a breakfast of eggs, biscuits and oatmeal for 40 kids. I can’t wait until it goes all Lord of the Flies. And I think some of them are prompted to say stuff, but some of these kids have pretty good leadership and survival skills. The best part is the host and producers totally fuck with the community and are trying to create all these class uprisings. The kids were divided into districts and some were designated as upper class and others were designated as working class, and they get payed according to class in money they can use in the root beer saloon or candy store. And the kids also need to manage the stores. Also, they had to vote on whether they got more outhouses or a tv and the council had to represent their factions in the decisions. There is also a ruling council that decides every couple of days which kid is awarded $20,000. Mayhem and social Darwinism is certain to occur. Could be an awesome social psychology experiment, or it could turn into a feel-good drama. I hope it’s the former.

Oh, and among the kids, there is only one Black child, and every quote they show from him has to do with, “in the city, we don’t do this…” Way to stereotype.


One thought on “Kid Nation

  1. I promised myself I wouldn’t watch this show, because there was no way the kids did anything without adult help/supervision/assistance …. but people keep on talking about it so I may cave in.

    House and Heroes both start this week so that may distract me. My inner TV whore loves September.

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