pom poms and hot dogs

Well, just for anthropological reasons, I went to the Cal v. Arizona game. I’ll tell you, I STILL do not understand football completely. I feel like an idiot. Almost as dumb as when I was three and my father took me to see Tron. Even until this day I am hesitant to watch it all the way through in fear I won’t understand it. It’s like that with football. And I consider myself a smart person. Why do most of U.S. Americans get it and I don’t? Why do they keep stopping every couple of seconds? At least in hockey and soccer, it’s pretty clear: just get it in the goal. Simple.

Well, the highlight was the halftime marching band show. They did a ska retrospective, doing a medley of Reel Big Fish, Goldfiner, Dave Ferris, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I know, awesome, right? I almost fell off the side of the stadium with glee. Sad thing is, these college kids were maybe eight or nine when ska was at its peak, and they don’t appreciate it. Sad.

In other news, I’ve had this blog for three years this month. I don’t know if that is sad or exciting. It’s been fun, and for those of you that have stuck along for the ride, I salute you.


9 thoughts on “pom poms and hot dogs

  1. I miss going to Cal games, even though I only like 30 minutes away… i havent been in about 2 years.

    the atmosphere is great… but I dont know how much fun I’d have if I didnt understand the rules…. When all else fails, just eat nachos and stare at people.

  2. weird how things change but don’t at the same time, 3 years ago:

    extreme indie cred makeover
    Posted on September 9, 2004 by ihatewheat

    So tonight I am going out to a bar watch the NFL kickoff game with my coworkers. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because I entered this betting thing for the season. It’s hopeless! If anyone knows anything about football, please help.

    thanks for the years of entertainment and great music.

  3. Gawd, how many times do I need to explain this?

    Consider Tron as a metaphorical look at the interaction of software and hardware, with the programmers’ identity projected into this world. Blue are the regular programs doing their jobs (not necessarily good or evil), and red as a self-imposed ruling class, controlling the flow of information.

    Tron is like a firewall program designed to sniff out inappropriate communication between the MCP (the bad ass AI now running the company) and all of the other networked subdivisions of the corporation.

    Flynn, a user a transported into this this world, and as a human interprets what he sees in the same way he programs – as a 3d interactive gaming experience.

    Ah fuck it, watch the damn movie.

  4. Happy birthday, ihatewheat! I wonder how many hours I’ve spent reading your blog over the years? Or pressing “refresh” to see if there’s anything new? Or checking your blog while you’re with me in my room? I think you need an anniversary post. “Best of” or something.

  5. Also about the Tron thing: ACK! That makes it more confusing. Then what the hell do the light cycles have to do with it? I also remember that I was scared when he was sucked into the computer. It probably is cheesy, but it kind of freaked me out when I was a kid.

  6. Did you send me that text from the football game in case you were maimed in a stampede or hate-crimed for being a vegan sympathizer?

    Wow three years? I can’t say I’ve comited to anything for that long.

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