Factory snore

So after waiting maybe a year or more, I finally sat down and watched Factory Girl. God, how dreadful. I’d prefer it to be about Andy Warhol because he is a pretty fucked up guy. In this movie he played the quirky gay sidekick. And really, who the fuck cares about Edie Sedgwick? She is really annoying and didn’t do much but look pretty. But uh. mah. gawd. Hayden Christiansen is beyond hot as the Bob Dylan character. Like, it was kind of unbelievable. It almost made up for the dreadful dialogue and acting.


One thought on “Factory snore

  1. New Novel about “Andrei” Warhol by Alexander J. Motyl

    Who Killed Andrei Warhol is an absurdist tragicomedy that imagines a
    friendship between pop artist Andy Warhol and a straight-laced Soviet
    Ukrainian journalist who arrives in New York at the height of the
    garbage strike in early 1968 to cover the impending American Revolution.
    As the journalist, Sasha Ivanov, struggles to understand life in New
    York, he decides that his fellow Ukrainian worker, “Andrei” Warhol, is a
    socialist realist painter, a proletarian genius, and a passionate
    Leninist. Ivanov also has an affair with Warhol’s would-be assassin,
    Valerie Solanas, and gets implicated in intrigues involving the FBI, the
    KGB, the Communist Party USA, the Black Panthers, and the Students for a
    Democratic Society.

    Alexander J. Motyl is a writer, painter, and professor of political
    science at Rutgers University-Newark. His first novel was Whiskey
    Priest; his art is represented by The Tori Collection.

    Who Killed Andrei Warhol may be ordered directly from Seven Locks Press
    (www.sevenlockspublishing.com) as well as from Amazon.com and

    Advance praise for Who Killed Andrei Warhol:

    Askold Melnyczuk, author of Ambassador of the Dead, founder/editor of
    AGNI Magazine.

    “All fiction is by nature revisionist and Motyl’s surprising and
    ingenious novel, Who Killed Andrei Warhol, adds several dimensions to
    our understanding of this American icon, blazing new avenues of approach
    to a subject whose object was cultural depletion.”

    Dzvinia Orlowsky, author of A Handful of Bees, winner of the Pushcart
    Prize for Poetry.

    “With wit and great energy, Motyl invites us to reconsider the heroic
    forces that shaped Andy Warhol’s life and work as witnessed through
    Communist comrade Sasha’s eyes. After reading this book, I don’t think
    I’ll ever look at a Warhol painting quite the same way.”

    Gloria Mindock, editor, Cervena Barva Press

    “This novel is a riveting ‘Warholian’ masterpiece. The diary takes the
    reader to the emotional inner conflict of Ivanov, who needs to decide
    where his loyalty lies. Written with such a sophisticated take on
    Ivanov, Alexander J. Motyl proves he is a writer to watch.”

    Casey Dorman, author of I, Carlos

    “Who Killed Andrei Warhol will delight readers with its humor, its
    ability to capture the zeitgeist of America in the late 1960’s, and its
    highly entertaining examination of the contradictions and absurdities of
    Eastern and Western outlooks on the world.”

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