some good songs right now

You can either right click and save as, but wordpress also has a cool feature where if you put your cursor over the link, a window will pop up where you can play the song automatically. If you like anything, I can get you the whole album. Maybe.

04-silas-knife.mp3 (THE APPLESEED CAST)

06-dont-let-me-get-me.mp3 (PINK)(UMMMM YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT)

01-kissing-families.mp3 (SILVERSUN PICKUPS)

03-dj-dj.mp3 (TRANSPLANTS)

totem-on-the-timeline.mp3 (THE KLAXONS)

01-genesis.mp3 (JUSTICE)

04-for-reverend-green.mp3 (ANIMAL COLLECTIVE)

01-french-disko-stereolab-cover.mp3 (EDITORS DOING A STEREOLAB COVER)

04-exit-music-for-a-film.mp3 (VAMPIRE WEEKEND CONVERING RADIOHEAD)

10-cold-hands.mp3 (THE BLACK LIPS)

03-kelsey.mp3 (METRO STATION)


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