adventures in San Fran: Folsom Street Fair

Thanks for all your inquiries about how I enjoyed the Folsom Street Fair. I appreciate your interest/comcern. Let me just say…hhhmmmph. I am all for expressing one’s sexuality, celebrating a subculture, but really, was being buck naked and touching yourself while at a street fair really necessary? Is that really empowering you? I think I saw more cocks today than a eurologist sees in a year. I do not and will never understand the whole bondage/humiliation thing, so obviously this was not geared towards my interests.

So why did I go? To see two of my very favorite bands. Imperial Teen was fantastic, and were all “by the way, we’re gay.” You know that skit that Chris Farley used to do when he awkwardly interviewed celebs? I totally felt like that when I saw Roddy Bottum (yes his realy name) and wanted to be all “‘Member when you were in Faith No More? That was awesome.”

Ok, I also didn’t realize that Ladytron weren’t actually performing, but that it was their DJ tour. Meaning they DJ for the crowd. DJing for the crowd isn’t what it used to be, which considered some talent. The band member with the pompadour, the one with the porn mustache and the girl with the I-just-smelled-shit look on her face got up on stage and played some songs of their laptops while drinking beers, wearing ironic thrift store clothing and looking bored. WTF? It really made me hate them a little bit, and made me rethink their genius.


It’s a busy week, because I am seeing Girl Talk tomorrow. Not sure what that is going to be like.


2 thoughts on “adventures in San Fran: Folsom Street Fair

  1. So jealous you got to see Imperial Teen. A certain blond man who likes to have photo shoots in the small conference room with us introduced me to them. And I love them. And you.

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