To follow up on my feelings about Rome Season 2, I finally finished. Series endings never sit well with me, but this one was pretty good. Left a whole lotts shit open. And seriously, I don’t know if they planned it like this, but I, Claudius seriously starts up right where this left off. And I know this was so not historically correct, but jeez, is any character in Roman history morally sound and worth all the praise? When Octavian ran out on his family, he made a big show of doing it to make sure things were done in the interest of the Republic. He became just as bad, not worse, than Antony. I wish they would do a spin-off of the Egyptian empire and some of the Cleopatra’s life that we didn’t see. Also, Octavia, who was a great characer last season, was total crap. Sure, women did not have power, but she really just moped around and acted like a brat. Would she ever reveal that she slept with her brother? That is good blackmail material. Will she ever find out that her mother ordered the murder of her first husband?

Ah, did you ever watch a series that just sticks in your mind long after you watch it? It’ll be hard getting to sleep tonight.


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