how rude

Thanks Erin for the link. This made my day.

National Alert: That Full House Episode Where They Meet The Beach Boys Is On Tomorrow At 3 P.M.

All kidding aside, I used to be OBSESSED with the episode where DJ has her thirteenth birthday at the house and Kimmy wants to play spin the bottle, but the guys interrupt just in time.

In fact, other episodes that I freakin’ loved:

  • When Stephanie cut Jesse’s hair and then he broke both his arms (sponge baths, anyone?)
  • When the Greek relatives visited and there was a Greek Michelle lookalike
  • When Jesse open the Smash Club but got locked in the storage closet the whole time
  • When Jesse and Joey met three ladies at the grocery store and arranged a triple date
  • When Stephanie gets new glasses and feels like a dork
  • When DJ and Kimmy go to a frat party and Kimmy gets smashed

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