pet peeve #245

It is bad enough when people sing in public, but when they do it in a breathy, vibrato style like they are on American Idol. Kind of like the “I know I am an awesome singer” kind of way. Drives me crazy. No one wants to hear it.

Also, I thought we were passed the Uggs with a miniskirt phase. Apparently Northern Cal didn’t get the memo.

Also, ladies? Aviator sunglasses make your faces look chubby.


3 thoughts on “pet peeve #245

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    I’m so glad someone else does, too. It drives me fucking nuts. Once I caught a girl singing in the library. Was she for real? I gave her the biggest death glare ever and said under my breath, “this is a library, not American Idol.”

  3. I am so over the uggs with miniskirts. But apparently the rest of the world population isn’t. They should be banned from the surface of the earth. Or Paris Hilton need to walk some red carpet and say she hates them so the rest of the lemming will follow! My pet peeve? Paris Hilton! anywhere, no matter what, i just can’t stand her. I can’t understand how people would listen to someone that brainless

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