List: villains have feelings, too!

I’ve wanted to do this list for a long time. Whenever I read or watch anything with the typical protagonist/antagonist model, I find myself sympathizing with the villain. Usually their reasons for being who they are are overlooked and taken for granted. Plus, villains are always just way more interesting. Here are some of my favorite (and most misunderstood) villains.

Severus Snape, Harry Potter

  • Why people hate him: he’s mean to Harry Potter, doesn’t kiss his ass, he’s often grumpy, not traditonally good-looking, oh and at one point he was a death eater
  • Why he is misunderstood: He loved Lily but she went for that conceited asshole James Potter. He was constantly tortured by James and Sirius’ clique, and got passed up for the Defense Against the Dark Arts year after year. That’s kind of a shitty deal, you can’t really expect him to be happy and skipping around and to fall in rank and worship Potter. Give him a break.

Miss Hannigan, Annie

  • Why people hate her: she’s a drunk, she treats the orphans like crap
  • Why she is misunderstood: Hey. it’s the Great Depression; running an orphanage can’t be easy and it’s a thankless job. It’s not like she is getting a lot of federal funding. Plus, that bratty precocious Annie becomes a gazillionare overnigh and does she get anything?

Nellie Olsen, Little House on the Prairie

  • Why people hate her: she’s a total beotch to everyone, she flaunts her money and is always out to get the Ingalls
  • Why she is misunderstood: With a mother like that, can you blame her? Look what her role model is. Her mother totally puts so much pressure on her to be the best and her parents are always fighting and do not role model healthy relationships to her. Also, that Ingalls family is so fucking perfect and condescending to everyone. Plus, Laura is always breaking the rules but getting away with it, even rewarded for it. I’d hate her too.

Ursula, The Little Mermaid

  • Why people hate her: She’s seemingly evil, makes her living off of taking things from others, and is not a size zero, singing, glossy-haired mermaid like Ariel
  • Why she is misunderstood: Not everyone comes from a privileged, royal undersea family like Ariel, so why shouldn’t she take advantage of a little capitalism?

Magneto, X-Men (movies)

  • Why people hate him: He wants to kill all humans.
  • Why he is misunderstood: He is a Holocaust survivor- why should he believe that all humans are kind? He’s seen the ruling class try to exterminate those who are “different”. He’s only trying to make sure mutants thrive. Plus, his gang have WAY cooler powers than those goody-two-shoes X-Men.

Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

  • Why people hate her: she’s mean and demeaning to all her employees, and is “mean” to innocent assistants.
  • Why she’s misunderstood: Do you think you can rise the ranks of the media empire as a female easily? She had no choice but to be where she is. Plus, she doesn’t need some over-confident recent grad telling her that her work is not real journalism.

More to come!


2 thoughts on “List: villains have feelings, too!

  1. I love Nellie Olsen! Remember when she was in a wheel chair and Laura pushed her down the hill!?!?

    You going to add Ann Coulter to that list? I’m sure her recent comments are just misunderstood.

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