I wish all of Rome had one neck

I watched Caligula this weekend. After discussing my obsession with ancient Rome, a friend told me to NEVER see this movie. And, of course, I went out and got it right away. This was one trippy mess. It was like it took place at the Caesar’s palace in Atlantic City. Throw in some unnecessary porn and the worst.acting.ever. And why did Malcolm McDowell always look as if he was wearing a figure skating costume? You can see the embarassment of everyone involved. In fact, Gore Vidal was all fuck off, I don’t want to be attached to this anymore. A few years back, an filmmaker made a fake trailer for a remake which is pretty awesome. For a while people thought is was coming out…and how I wish it was. Heads up for Benicio del Toro looking mighty fine.

Not safe for work (fortunately).


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