Adventures in San Francisco: 924 Gilman

Adventures in San Fran: 924 Gilman


Fir those of you not in the know, 924 Gilman is a venue where a lot of the Northern California punk movement formed. It was started as an all-ages venue, kind of equivalent to the DC straight-edge scene. Operation Ivy first played there and created their following. I had always been meaning to check it out, at least see it, and I unintentionally went past it on the way home from Target (!). I mean, it is a run down building, but has a lot of history. I don’t know what it was like 20 years ago in the height of its heyday, but let’s just say that it is right down the street from a Walgreen’s and a Chipotle, and I doubt that was there in 1987. (You can check out the street view) Is any city pure anymore? Or has it all become a gentrified, Sex and the City-ized version of itself? What cities even have a “scene” anymore? Meaning of the important kind? The East Village is basically one big Hot Topic, Haight-Ashbury is home to tourists, and Adams Morgan is basically a weekend playground for the surbanites. Don’t even get me started on Columbia Heights! And, with the way technology has influenced music, barely any city has a music scene, because no one scopes out loacal bands anymore. Local bands don’t build a following in their towns, they puke up an obnoxious myspace profile and suburban kids in New Jersey write the band names on their Chuck Taylors.

So anyway, yea, I finally saw it. Don’t know if I’d go to a show there. I may get mistaken as someone’s mother.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in San Francisco: 924 Gilman

  1. 1. Chipotle is a pretty ethically run company, even if it is owned by McDonald’s. I’d say it’s pretty legit that it’s down San Pablo.
    2. You’re being a pretentious middle-ager with this whole post. Op Ivy started there, yeah, but so did a lot of other bands. Their history is still in that place. If you bothered to go to a show there, you’d see that, unlike Haight, it’s still amazing. In the next few weeks Tragedy, Leftover Crack, and Baader Brains are all playing there. Those bands have huge local followings that weren’t created by myspace. Baader Brains doesn’t have one exactly because of that misconception.
    3. Haight and East Village had to change. Those places haven’t actually been cool in SO long. Things change. Berkeley used to be a cool school, but now it’s not because a bunch of people who wanted to be cool went there. However, those places have been replaced by new, cool underground places. It’s a cycle. Don’t get caught up in it.
    PS– Go to a show at Gilman if you get the change. No one wears chucks.

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