adventures of the Keatons

Wow! More heavy stuff on Season 2.

  • Alex starts taking Mallory’s friend’s diet pills to stay up to study for exams but then gets totally addicted and strung out. It’s so badass.
  • Elise and Mallory enter a mother-daughter modeling contest but when Elise starts getting tons of modeling offers, Mallory gets peeved.
  • Alex dates a 40-year old French woman. (He’s a senior in high school.)
  • Steven is tempted to have an affair with Judith Licht at work and sneaks out to meet her. He realizes at the last minute he loves his family.
  • A Christmas episode where Alex acts all Scrooge-y and is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past and future (really bad special affects included.)

How in the hell was this show so popular? Sometimes the scenes are so cheesy it gives me douche chills. Other times it’s hilarious. I also like how suddenly there are family friends or neighbors or co-workers that show up for one episode then never seen from again. Also? Tina Yothers has pretty good comedic timing.


2 thoughts on “adventures of the Keatons

  1. I have seen every episode of this series except for the last one. This thought still haunts me. Also, I secretly enjoy singing along with the theme song and saying the words MEREDITH BAXTER BIRNEY. they sound so magical together.

  2. Wait, is that the episode when Alex starts taking speed and ends up digging ditches in the yard for a sprinkler system? Then his parents have a full on intervention and he breaks down? I’m pretty sure I wanted to try speed after seeing that. And I was like 8.

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