irrelavent info

I got the new Raveonettes album and squeeing with delight. Sounds exactly like what you would expect from them, which is awesome.

Started watching It’s Always Pervy Sunny in Philadelphia, and any show that can use abortion, molestation and the handicapped in a celver way is okay in my book.

OInk was shut down and the owner arrested. Who will bail me out when they get me?

James McAvoy DOES NOT EQUAL Kurt Cobain. I just don’t see it. I would choose Garret Hedlund or Joe Anderson.

Have you ever seen the Lionel Richie video for “Hello”. If not, this will make no sense to you.

American Apparel’s Halloween costume guide. Hollywood streetwalker: love it! As much as I make fun, I keep buying stuff there. How can I resist the cranberry leggings and this bag?

I am so in love with my new shoes. Yes, they are suede. So sue me.


2 thoughts on “irrelavent info

  1. hmm… american apparel is ok for basics. i’m wearing a black 3/4 sleeve shirt i’ve had for five years and it’s holding up ok. but those “costumes” look really boring. only the scooby doo one looks like an actual halloween costume.

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