List: Villains are misunderstood too! Part Two!

Check out Part 1

The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera
Why people hate him: Okay, so he maybe killed some people in the process of haunting the opera house. Also, he is threatening the success of the operas and scaring the crap out of their precious lead soprano engeneue.
Why he’s misunderstood: he is forced to live in the dingy bowels of the opera house, and his only outlet is teaching Christine Daae to sing. She goes ahead and becomes a famous soprano and forgets about the Phantom and canoodles with that pretty boy, Raoul. He made her who she is! And he gets practically no thanks!

Gauis Baltar, Battlestar Galactica
Why people hate him: so maybe he was (indirectly) responsible for the near genocide of the human race, he canoodles with cylons, he is condescending and a womanizer, he won the presidential elections using questionable tactics
Why he is misunderstood: first of all, he actually didn’t realize that he was betraying the human race when he did it. He may also be the only one smart enought to find planet earth. Second of all, that condescing president Roslin has it out for him. He’s also the only one to know how to have fun on the fleet- so maybe that invludes manipulating people for his own benfit- but at LEAST he didn’t rig the election, like certain other candidates

Pzaz of the Misfits, Jem and the Holograms
Why people hate her: she is always trying to murder Jem and the Holograms
Why she is misunderstood: if you were always losing to that goody-two shoes Jem, wouldn’t that annoy you? Plus, the Misfits music is better, but everyone is so blinded by Jem’s over the top phialnthropy. Plus, her father is head of her record company and puts a lot of pressure on her.

Tess, Roswell
Why people hate her: she tricked Max into knocking her up so she could bring the alien baby back to her alien homeland.
Why she is misundertood: The other three hybrids were lucky enough to be adopted and assimilated into society, and she got stuck with a creepy shapeshifting father. Plus, in her alien home, she was a queen and married to Max, and on earth she has to play second fiddle to that mousy Liz parker. I’d be pissed too and try to get my alien friends to go back home too.

Taffy Sinclair, Taffy Sinclair series

Why people hate her: she was the first person in the fifth grade to have boobs, plus she’s apparently vain and always trying to steal Jana Morgan’s boyfriend.
Why she is misunderstood: Jana and her friends are super jealous and treat her like shit and always kept her out of their clique. She was only fighting fire with fire.


4 thoughts on “List: Villains are misunderstood too! Part Two!

  1. The Misfits were THE BEST part of Jem and the Holograms. I’m actually going to write a post on them on my blog basically stating that the Misfits had better music/melodies than Jem and her ilk.

    good job, ad hoc!
    (I knew there was a reason I kept coming back!)

  2. I loved Phantom…he was hot. I would totally stay down in the “bowels” of the opera house with him anytime…

    Jem – god, dare I say it, but I want those friggin DVD’s for christmas.

  3. Tess may have been written as the villain but she was’nt evil. The only bad thing she ever did was accidentally kill Colin by minh warping him too much. And she did not trick Max into knocking her up. That was his own stupid fault for not using a condom when he slept with her. And right at the end when Tess returned with her and Max’s son. She sacrificed herself to keep the government from findingthe other aliens.

  4. Taffy was a stuck up snob! I can’t forget how she had a crooked bicuspid and she was always covering up her mouth when she smiled, which is kind of stupuid since she went on to be an actress on a soap. I don’t think Jana and her friends were bitchy, they had every right to not like Taffy, she was really nasty to them and never gave Jana a chance. I loved Randy, (Jana’s love interest)he was someone that I wanted to meet in Junior High. I can’t forget the book where Jana and Taffy find a baby abandoned, and they somewhat bond but then Taffy has to go and be a snob again.

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